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Our Projects


Our major project in 2022 is continuing the People’s Budget campaign. We aim to get as many surveys filled out as possible, to drive and guide our advocacy during the City’s 2022-2023 budget process. We are also hosting and co-hosting People’s Assemblies, where we explore together our definitions of safety, and what that has to do with the budget.


Equity in Action is now in its third and final year, and we are testing out the community engagement framework through pilot projects. The Community Reinvestment Roundtable is leading three of these projects. 


  1. The first is around changing City Council processes. We have already had some progress with the City. For example, they implemented our recommendation to increase engagement accessibility by putting the public comment at the beginning of meetings. This way we will never end up in the park, after dark, harassed by police, waiting to be heard like what happened in the Summer of 2020. Do you have other ideas about what should be changed? Email us! 

  2. The second is around increasing participation in the budget processes. We are supporting this through the People’s Budget campaign!

  3. Finally, we are very excited to be piloting the first ever alternative to police program in Tempe. Connect with us to get involved. 


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