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Upcoming Events

Reinvestment Now!

Engage in Tempe’s City Budget Season '22


March 31 – 6 - 7 PM 


April 16 – 10 - 11 AM 


With The City of Tempe budget season upon us, we must come together to advocate for community reinvestment. Together, we are reimagining public safety as investing in people who are struggling rather than incarcerating them. 


We see ourselves as part of a movement to push city governments to support what the People want and need for their communities, and that a big part of that is making some changes to city budgets. Our public tax dollars should be spent on the people.


Starting in April, Tempe City Council will be reviewing the proposed budget for 2022-23. These meetings are open to the public, and we plan to show out!


Do you want to be involved but feel intimidated by the format of council meetings, or not confident about your analysis around community reinvestment? Either way, you’re not alone.


That’s why we are hosting these opportunities to learn more about the Tempe city budget, community reinvestment, the specific Peoples Budget Tempe platform, and how to make your voice heard!

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